//Heat Up Your Love Life With These Romantic Kitchen Trends

Heat Up Your Love Life With These Romantic Kitchen Trends

When it comes to romantic rooms in your home, sure, the bedroom and master bathroom probably are the first areas that come to mind.

But we all know that the way to nearly everyone’s heart is through their stomach! So, it makes sense that the kitchen is the next mood-inducing room in the house.

That’s why this Valentine’s Day we’re showcasing the top romantic kitchen trends that will make your love life sizzle. Okay, maybe that’s a bit overdoing it but we’re not kidding, these looks will light up you and your lover’s life and you don’t even have to cook in the buff!

Romance in its finest form is that simple, alluring charm that creates an irresistible pull toward your lover. Before you know it you feel that fast beating of your heart and you display an attitude of “I-can-do-anything-with-you-by-my-side”—even cook a chocolate soufflé without burning it.

That’s the power of romantic love.

And a kitchen that evokes romance makes the home an even more loving place to relax and escape.

Simple charm. Subtle touches like a whimsical splash of a subtle color, lacy curtains, or a more opulent focal point such as a crystal chandelier all create a charming and romantic mood in the kitchen. The color doesn’t have to be bright red or shocking pink;  maybe you add colorful barstools to an otherwise muted kitchen palette for a romantic “look-at-me” surprise.

Curvaceous kitchen. Nothing exudes romance like curves. Kitchen curves are hot these days. Whether it’s an archway that leads from a great room into a beautiful kitchen or fixtures in your kitchen, your remodel can add finishing touches like a curvy faucet and a farmhouse sink with a curved lip that look sleek and sexy.

Bold appeal. Love is not weak but strong and bold. A dominant trend in kitchens in 2017 are metal range hoods,   matching stove and trash compactor and dishwasher fronts, and even refrigerators.  They all make a bold statement in the kitchen.

Mood lighting. Lighting can illuminate your kitchen so that it sets a tone for a lovely evening. The best way to create the right light is to have different lighting for each desired activity.

For instance, when you’re hard at work preparing that delicious meal, you need bright, full overhead lighting. If you’re focused on other kitchen tasks, then under-the-cabinet lighting is perfect. Focal lighting will allow you to illuminate objects and draw attention to that particular area in your kitchen such as architectural design or your precious artwork  A decorative aspect of lighting is romantic or playful lighting that lets you show your creativity while enhancing the overall design of your kitchen remodel. For that,   imagine a pendant style lighting system that you can aim various lights in different directions to create ambient/mood lighting

No fuss, lots of space. There’s nothing sexy about a cramped kitchen where you’re rubbing elbows and bumping hips while you clean it. This can result in a sweaty mess. Clutter-free kitchens that give room for you to spread out and plenty of storage place can invite you to sip a glass of wine while you towel off the final dishes from a romantic dinner,  place a few candles on the kitchen island, and settle in for that after-dinner drink…who knows—maybe you’ll be making pancakes together in the wee hours of the morning.

Rekindle your romance and bring that romantic attitude to your kitchen for a delightful surprise this Valentine’s Day.

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