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What’s Cooking In Kitchen Trends For 2013

Whats Cooking In Kitchen Trends For 2013

We simply can’t get enough of kitchen designs. That’s because the kitchen is one of the most popular homes in the house especially around the holidays.

The look of the kitchen in 2013 will take on a streamlined, efficient, and more modern look in the new year. Kitchen space will lean toward a look  that feels spacious, even if small, and is still cozy but well-laid-out so that all can have ample room to work in the kitchen.

Expect to see or–rather not see–appliances, thanks to hideaway spaces. Cleverly designed cubby and under-counter spaces will conceal unsightly cords and appliances such as trash compactors, wine coolers, and mini-refrigerators. This will offer a clean minimalist look with less clutter on the counter tops. Cabinets and storage spaces will double as beautiful decor.

Stainless steel is still attractive to homeowners who are remodeling but many are also asking for appliances that blend in with their kitchen decor. Think wood paneling or some other sort of lacquered material to match cabinets, even for the cover vent over the stovetop.

Kitchens are lighting up in 2013. More is better when it comes to lighting in the bathroom and kitchen areas. Since large open kitchens are becoming more prevalent, good lighting is important. These primary entertainment areas are offering layered lighting which combines overhead, ambient, and under-cabinet lighting using LED lights and appliances. It’s not just about turning on the kitchen lights; it’s about creating the perfect mood lighting for the room in the house that attracts everyone to gather around.

Seating is also important for kitchens. With more people watching reality cooking shows and increased interest in do-it-yourself gourmet cooking, homeowners want a space that allows everyone to participate. That’s why work islands with seating are going to be very popular in 2013. They create not only a space for people to help prepare food but they also offer a great place to sit and relax with those who are cooking. These islands are often used to bridge the kitchen and the great room, making the entire space feel open and yet connected.

Look for more homes to have professional culinary appliances in the kitchens. Induction cooktops and gas ranges are very popular. Induction cooktops offer a safety feature that provides restaurant quality heat while being safe for children whose hands might reach up to touch the surface. These energy-efficient styles of cooktops heat only what’s in the pan while the rest of the cooktop remains room temperature.

With all the cooking that’ll be done in these newly remodeled kitchens, sinks are also sharing the spotlight. That is, they’re getting fancier. The sink is no longer the place in the kitchen that you want to hide, it’s actually becoming a focal point just like range hoods (which are taking on a more decorative look). For the sink, stainless steel is still very appealing but stone composite sinks are also attractive and offer a less industrial look.

No matter whether you follow the trends or create your own unique style, the kitchen is still a place where a remodeling project can bring you decades of delightful entertaining.

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