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Extended-Family Living

Extended-Family Living: Creating Space For Grandparents, Renters Or Grown Children

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Homeowners are finding that a well-designed home can accommodate more than just its owners—perhaps grandparents, adult children, or even Airbnb guests.

Extended Family Space Design & RemodelingNew homes are showcasing a unique concept: roommates. Today, in part due to the rising cost of housing and the love for their homes, many homeowners are investing in a home renovation that creates space for extended family living or renters.

A Las Vegas developer in early 2016 showcased non-traditional living arrangements as part of the “New American Home” with the goal to help ease financial burdens and bring family closer together yet still provide privacy.

Developers say there is a growing desire for homes that create space for extended family living. These homes feature things like a second-floor unit or guest suites with a kitchenette and separate entry for grandparents or recent college grads, allowing them to cut their financial burdens and avoid having to rent on their own at a time when rents are rising. There’s been a 20 percent hike in rent since 2010.

While builders are now starting to design homes with extended family living in mind, many homeowners don’t want to move but prefer to remodel their home to accommodate extended family or renters.

An extended-family-living remodel is often the solution.

“We’re having our mother-in-law live with us. She’s going to have her own attached apartment and she gets to spend time with the grandkids,” says Kris Harman, a Chula Vista homeowner who had her home remodeled by Marrokal Design & Remodeling.

A study found that teens are happier when grandparents are involved in their upbringing. The University of Oxford study found that teens who had more time with grandparents had fewer emotional and behavioral problems than their peers.

The extended family living, or what’s referred to as multi-generational living, when grandparents and adult children live with their parents is proving to be a triple win.

“Extended family living is an appealing option to us because my mother-in-law just retired last year and economically would be struggling to live by herself,” says Kris Harman.

For Anita Harman it’s an opportunity to see the grandkids and have a bigger space, “It’s nice to pool your money—you get more”.

And for Anita’s son, John, “It’s relief”. Anita moved from Northern California where she lived alone in her house—a situation that John felt wasn’t ideal. “I would worry about her safety.”

The Harmans decided to relocate Anita to their home. Now they’re just an intercom call away from the kitchen to the granny suite. But before Anita could move in, a lot of renovations were necessary.

“Marrokal had the most progressive layout, the best floor plan option that we liked. They used as much of the existing structure as they could and obviously that is of benefit to us because it keeps the cost down for the project,” says John Harman.

Watch the video to see The Harman’s Extended Family Living remodel.

Extended-Family Living

What things should you consider for an extended family living remodel?

Granny Suites: build them on the ground floor and have a private entrance. Include a complete mini-kitchen with a refrigerator, small convection oven and/or microwave, sink, and even a dishwasher. Wider doorways, grab bars, and lever-type handles will be appreciated by the seniors and will increase the resale value.

Guest houses: can be constructed on your property and is perfect for independent living yet offers a secure and safe closeness to the rest of the family in the main house.

Great rooms and open kitchens: this is popular for any home but especially when you have a multigenerational living arrangement. Improving traffic flow in the kitchen by repositioning appliances and removing walls adds appeal and ease of use.

For more ideas about adding square footage and space to your home, have a look at our room additions.

When adding room additions and granny flats, it’s especially important to work with professionals to make sure that you understand city regulations and get necessary permits. For instance, not all municipalities allow secondary suites. Consult with professionals before you proceed with any remodel.

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