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Remodeling Trends Take A Steamy Turn For The Kitchen

Remodeling Trends Take A Steamy Turn For The Kitchen

Kitchen remodels are always popular in large part because everyone loves to eat and these days the kitchen has become the center of attention. Great rooms expand into the kitchen area and create a focal point for friends and family to gather around, enjoying a good meal and conversation.

Today, healthy trends are moving into the kitchen space. Things like steam ovens that offer a preferred method of cooking various vegetables and meats are becoming hot choices for newly remodeled kitchens. These ovens cook everything by steam. They are often placed in kitchens as countertop stoves or some models are built-in. A really nice advantage is that most of the steam ovens are designed to be free-standing with no need to be connected to a water supply; there is usually a detachable and easily accessible reservoir built into the unit. The steam oven steams at temperatures ranging from 212 degrees to 572 degrees, which can translate to faster cooking, saving both time and money. For instance, cooking a chicken at 212 degrees in a steam oven takes about 20 minutes whereas a regular oven could take over two hours.

Steam ovens are being used for not only baking and cooking vegetables but also for sanitation such as cleaning baby bottles. The ovens range from about $1,500 to $5,000 and, while you can’t use a steam oven to brown your meat, you certainly can cook tender meat that preserves flavor with lower use of any supplementary fat. Extra oils aren’t needed to keep the meat moist in a steam oven. Since it’s not possible to get that “oven browned” effect from steam ovens, some homeowners are opting to add the steam oven and still keep their traditional oven so that they can use the regular oven for browning meats and baked goods.

Also popular in remodeled kitchens is wood. Countertops are taking on various different finishes from a wider variety of colorful granite, to quartz, glass, copper, and wood. Some homeowners are opting for either the traditional butcher block or more unusual woods in the kitchen especially on kitchen islands or secondary counter surfaces.

Wood is still very popular for floors. Many homeowners with busy households are electing to use distressed wood which makes it ideal for pets. If the wood gets scratched it doesn’t glare at you as it would on a wood that has a perfectly smooth finish. The wood already has an aged, distressed, and relaxed style.

Open airy kitchens are in vogue along with brightly colored appliances. Italy is promoting bold colored appliances, tiles, and finishes. Ultimately it’s your style and taste that makes your home comfortable and appealing but thinking ahead and studying the upcoming new appliances and trends helps you get a better idea about exactly what you’d like in your newly remodeled kitchen. Then be sure to consult with the experts to guide you through a cost-effective and beautiful kitchen remodel.

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