Gary Marrokal and Tom Capizzi
A company is only as good as its team members – and we have the best.
CEO, Gary Marrokal & President, Tom Capizzi , Marrokal Design and Remodeling

At Marrokal, you are our top priority. We hire the best in the remodeling industry so that when you Trust Your Home To Us, we will surpass your expectations and deliver a Dream Remodel that you’ve always wanted.

We listen. We’re attentive. We’re detail-oriented. We’re on budget, on time, and reliable. We’ve won many awards for our ethics in the marketplace and we’re proud to continue to set a high service standard in the remodeling industry.

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This isn’t work; this is a creative passion for the Marrokal team. We treat your home as though it’s ours. Every Marrokal team member loves what they do. See our video library, click here.

Gary Marrokal began the company more than 35 years ago. Co-owner, Tom Capizzi, joined the team in 2015, and today, the company is thriving because of its commitment to serve and deliver superior results for clients just like you.

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  • Lori Bryan

    Vice President / Chief Operating Officer
  • John Ryan

    Director of Design
  • Jesse Cumpian

    Director of Production
  • Michael Centrullo

    Director – Senior Design Consultant
  • Steven Mark

    Senior Design Consultant
  • Jake Laurie

    Design Consultant
  • Jason Dorfman

    Design Consultant
  • Alicia Readler

    Design Consultant
  • Rick Clarke

    Design Consultant
  • Heather Bulthuis

    Design Consultant
    • Chris Ashby

      Design Consultant
      • Barbie Davis

        Design Consultant
        • Keating Hurd

          Design Consultant
          • Melissa Prevost

            Interior Designer
            • Kristen White

              Interior Designer
            • Ivette Castro

              Interior Designer
              • Erin Gorman

                3D Rendering Artist
                • Jorge Segoviano

                  Sr. Project Drafter
                  • Mark Duncan

                    Sr. Project Drafter
                    • Gilberto Meraz

                      Project Drafter
                      • Sandra Escobedo

                        Project Drafter
                        • Frank Piermarini

                          Architect, Project Drafter
                          • George Lazorcik

                            Senior Project Manager
                          • John Simko

                            Project Manager
                          • Steve Underwood

                            Project Manager
                          • Sam Wahamaki

                            Project Manager
                          • Ian Nanson

                            Project Manager
                            • Craig Speicher

                              Project Manager
                            • Kevin Hanson

                              Project Manager
                              • Jeff Schubat

                                Project Manager
                                • Joan Brannvall

                                  Office Manager
                                  • Pam Gross

                                    • Rita Curo

                                      Accounts Payable
                                      • Kelley Parham

                                        Design Center Office Coordinator
                                        • Holly Jacques

                                          Director of First Impressions